About Us

We formed as a group of professionals with a strong interest in online retail and customer support. We combine our skills in software development and business to develop an online retail store called Raspberry Minute which sells our favourite type of product - watches!

We are based in BC and Alberta, Canada and order watches from suppliers in Singapore and Japan. These suppliers has proven to quickly deliver an incredible assortment of high quality watch brands such as Seiko and Citizen at very competitive prices.
Joseph Dietz
Software Engineer
BSc.(University of Victoria)
Postgraduate Diploma in Computer Science (University of British Columbia)

The Products
We prefer good looking, reliable and affordable watches from large Japanese manufacturers like Citizen, Seiko and Orient. Raspberry Minute Watches has very high standards for quality and find authentic Japanese-made products satisfy our requirements.
Some of our favorite criteria for a good watch are:
  • durable glass, crystal or sapphire watch face
  • waterproof from 50 to 200 Meters
  • stainless steel or natural leather watch bands
  • reliable Japanese quartz and automatic movements
Our Business
We offer low shipping fees to Canada and the USA and use Canada Post shipping service. Canada Post uses local partners like USPS when the package arrives in the destination country. Some countries charge duties and taxes on wrist watches.
Online Shopping Cart
We have chosen to use OpenCart software for our online store because it is open source and easily modifiable. For website security, we use High-grade 256 bit encryption verified by GeoTrust Inc. Payments are managed by square.com which integrates well with OpenCart.

Please follow us or email support@raspberryminute.com

Raspberry Minute Watches
3-1 Clearwater Crescent
Fort McMurray, Alberta
T9H 2B7
phone or text (our personal voice assistant on breve.me): 5876046803

Thank you for shopping at Raspberry Minute!